Your Reputation Is One Bad Review Away From Being Ruined

Your business reputation can be tarnished just as easily as Gen. David Petraeus as was and people will not need the news media or the FBI to see your reputation.

You and almost every other local business has a presence on Google whether you know it or not and all is needed to see your reputation is to type in your company name plus the city you are located in.

In most industries, this type of local search will yield a page that is almost completely filled with review sites. Many of these review sites use a five star rating system in the number of stars at your business has is frequently shown directly below the link to click through to the site.

It will be easy for prospective customers to see if you have a bad reputation, no reputation, a good reputation or a five star reputation.

A Bad Reputation

Would you do business with a company that had bad reviews showing in their Google plus local listing when there are usually competitors that have nothing but positive reviews? I would check out your competitors not betting that most of your customers will too.

When I see a bad customer reviews that a business owner has not responded to, I have to wonder whether or not that business owner really cares what the public thinks of his business.

No Reputation

Every time I see local businesses that have no reviews or very few reviews and the ones that exist are not recent I wonder how credible the business really is because no customers have cared enough to share their experiences.

To me, a business with no reviews is scarier than one with bad reviews because they are complete unknown.

When a company has bad reviews, you at least know what the bad experience was and you can call the business to get their side of the story but you have nothing to start with to ask questions when there are no reviews.

Good Reputation

To me, a business has a good reputation when they have 10 or more reviews with the majority of them being five star and the few negative reviews that are shown have been appropriately responded to by the business owner.

A Five Star Reputation

I define a five star reputation as any local business that has at least 10 reviews and I see nothing but positive reviews on the first page of Google+ Local or any other review site.

A Nielsen survey asked Woods type of advertising you trust the most and 92% of the 1000 respondents stated that they trusted referrals from friends and family members with 70% trusting online third-party reviews. I fall into that 70% and I think many of your customers probably due too.

As the director of the CIA, Gen. David Petraeus was the government version of a CEO. It only took one scandal to ruin his career and tarnish his reputation. Do you think your business would fare any better if your customers started leaving bad reviews online about your business?

Do you even know if your customers have left bad reviews online about your business?

Your Reputation Is One Bad Review Away From Being Ruined
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