Search engine optimization is an ongoing process for many webmasters. Those that track their efforts see that the number of pages the search engine index varies from day to day and where they are placed also fluctuates wildly.

Use these tools to give you a general idea of your progress and success but do not rely solely upon the free traffic provided by the search engines.

These SEO tools were created to help give you a better understanding of your current search engine presence and popularity. Use the data these tools provide improve your current search engine marketing efforts.

Keyword Verification

This verification tool checks to see if your site is in the top three pages of a search engine result for a certain keyword or keyword phrase. This lets you check each word or phrase separately so you can see if any of your targeting has made the first three pages of results. ONLY the top 3 pages are checked because most searchers don't go past the 3rd page of search results.

Think about your own searching habits. Don’t you usually modify your search terms if you don’t find what you’re seeking in the first three pages of results?

Search Engine Saturation

"Search Engine Saturation" simply refers to the number of pages a given search engine has in its index for your website domain. This tool lets you see how many pages the different search engines have indexed for you on any given day AND how many of your competitors’ pages are indexed. Check this information on a regular basis to see if your Search Engine Saturation is climbing or falling. This number WILL fluctuate for both you AND your competitors so don’t get overly concerned unless there is a long term downward spiral.

Link Popularity Check

Links coming into your website is one area where you have some measure of control. Use the Marketleap link popularity tool to help you find out who is linking to your site. It also runs a benchmarking report to show you quickly where you stand in comparison to your competitors and other major online players.

Use this information to track how much progress you are making in your marketing efforts.

Free SEO Tools To Help Track Your Marketing Efforts
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