If You Want More Customers You Need One Or Both Of These

If you want more customers, you need to either increase your traffic or increase your conversion rate. Many business owners think only about increasing traffic which is a mistake.

More Customers Through Higher Conversions

If your traffic flow is stable, increasing the conversion rate is the easiest way to increase your income.

There are multiple things you can look at and test to try to increase your conversion rate. Some of the obvious things that you can look at are:

  • your sales copy headline
  • the color of your sales copy headline
  • the subheadings used on your sales page
  • the images used in your sales copy
  • the color the sales page itself
  • the body copy of your sales page
  • the color and placement of your buy button

The first thing you, as a local business owner should, look at when you want to increase conversions is how much of an online reputation you have because many consumers read an average of 6 to 10 reviews before they make a buying decision.

If your business has fewer than 10 five star reviews in your Google+ Local listing you need to create a system where customers can leave a steady supply of reviews for your business.

The steady supply of reviews you receive must be stellar or they will not help your business. If they are less than stellar, you need to work with your customers to create a five star culture within your business.

You have a five star culture within your business when you deliver a superior product or service, you deliver outstanding customer support, and everyone from the lowest employee up to the CEO is pleasant, professional and courteous to both customers and prospects both on the job and in the real world.

The online reputation of your business is so important that some companies are hiring full-time employees to manage their online reputation and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the salary for these employees ranges from $38,000-$72,000 a year.

Once you have your five star reputation in place, you are ready to market that reputation.

More Customers Through Increased Traffic

It is usually cheaper and easier to increase conversions of your existing traffic then it is to generate new traffic.

I stressed the need to create a five star reputation before working on traffic generation, especially for local businesses, because most people will buy from a business that has a five star reputation over the one that has a less than stellar reputation but has the first spot in the Google+ Local listings.

Almost every form of advertising that you do both online and off-line will experience a higher conversion rate when you have a five star reputation that people can verify when they do a search for your company name plus your city within Google.

The Google+ Local listings show the Zagat score for your business if you have 10 or more reviews with a number of reviews you have if you have fewer than 10 so it is easy for the consumer to easily choose the business that they wish to examine first.

These listings are often the first thing seen when the searches done from a mobile device and they are near the top of the results when the searches done from a desktop computer.

You may have an online reputation that is completely open to the public and searchable even if you do not have a website, even if you do not have a mobile website and even if you have not claimed your Google+ Local listing for your business.

Create a five star reputation and get one of the first three spots in the Google+ Local listings for your industry and you will generally ends see an increase in phone calls from highly targeted prospects that are looking to do business with you.

Click here to see if your local business has any bad reviews posted online.

If You Want More Customers You Need One Or Both Of These
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