How To Increase Sales Or Get Customers To Take A Desired Action

To increase sales or get customers to take the actions you want them to doesn’t always require a big change as the video and this article shows.

Sometimes, what other thing about you, where they are talking about you and how they word their comments can speak much louder and be much, much more effective than any sales copy you could create.

The 11 minute and 50 second video below clearly illustrates six different scientific principles of persuasion that are extremely powerful when used in marketing.

As the video shows, the principles are very powerful.

When you use even one of these principles in your sales presentation you will probably see a slight increase in conversions. A marker that is clever enough to incorporate 34 or even five of these principles into a single presentation will see conversion rates increase dramatically.

If you’ve read any of my posts over the last month or so, then you will have seen articles with me talking about reputation a lot.

Every time I read a positive customer review for a business, I see with that business gaining a little bit of authority, I like them alone more and if there is nothing but positive reviews showing I see a consistency with within their business that makes me want to do business with them more.

If the business that I’m looking at has 10, 20 or more positive reviews with no negative reviews showing then the consensus among my peers is that this is a good place to conduct my business.

Many business owners is already known that customer reviews are powerful but they don’t know why. If they understood this six scientific principles that are discussed within that video, they just might see how authority, liking, consensus and consistency come into play with multiple reviews and properly marketing those reviews.

Click here to see what kind of an online reputation you have so you can start utilizing these six principles in your business to get more customers.

How To Increase Sales Or Get Customers To Take A Desired Action

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