Take The Internet Back (TIB) – No Cost

Free to join and qualify as a part owner to receive a share of the profits.

This is already putting money in qualified member/owner’s accounts each week.

TIB is another business opportunity no one should pass up.\

• It is free to join.
• You read email advertisements in categories that interest you.
• You become a qualified part owner by referring just one person that becomes active when they confirm their email address after joining.
• TIB members were recently sent an update that stated another company was bought that will add additional profits that TIB member/owners will share in without spending a penny or doing anything.

You already see advertising every day in emails, on websites you visit and on television so why not become part owner of an advertising company and share in the profits you help them make.


Big Money Solution (BMS) – $250 One Time

Big Money Solution is a network marketing business with advertising as the product. There are 4 ways your ads can be shown to proven business opportunity buyers that had at least the $250 needed to join this business to promote their current business.

1. Full page website ads – Big Money Solution gives your ad a 10 second full page view before our members can log into their personalized members area.
2. Text ads – Your ad shown in our member’s area and at the top of our members’ free URL rotator.
3. Banner ads – Your banner ad shown when our members log in and on every page of Big Money Solution.
4. Email Ads – Your email text or HTML sent to our entire member database.

In addition to the advertising, you get placed into a 2X6 forced matrix where you’ll have the opportunity to repeatedly earn up to $4,250.

This is an amazingly simple compensation plan to understand.

• A full 2X2 = $250.
• A full 2X4 = $1,000.
• A full 2X6 = $3,000 plus a re-entry into the 2X6 under your sponsor.

This ingenious design is perfect for advertising the bigger money programs you may be in. imagine paying the $250 needed to advertise a program that has an entrance fee of $500 to $3,000 or more.

If you aren’t in any big money programs, that’s okay too. BMS is perfect for people that want to work a little bit to generate the extra money they want to buy a boat, pay for a seminar, improve their education or any number of other goals or desires.

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