If You Think Selling Is Evil Then…


If you think selling this evil thing, you are evil because you have been selling most of your life. You may not believe me but I will prove it in this article.

Your sales career started when you were a child and it continues today. As a child, you had no power see had to show your friends and family and relatives the benefits of giving you what you wanted otherwise you would not get your way.

Every time you got what you wanted you had successfully made a sale.

If you watch the three minute and 50 second video below, you will never think about sales in the same way again.

The video did not state this directly but sales is all about illustrating the benefits you will derive from the use of the product or service being offered.

You probably got very good at sales with certain members of your family because you learned very quickly what their hot buttons were and how you can get them to give you what you wanted.

Once you got into elementary school and then middle school, you probably discovered that it was a little harder to sell to strangers, to friends and to teachers because they weren’t as the mostly involved as your family members. As friendships and relationships developed, you may have discovered it easier to get your friends to do the activity that you wanted instead of the one they wanted to do because you have learned what made them tick.

Middle school and high school brought a whole new set of challenges because hormones were getting involved and you and your classmates have had several years to get to know each other.

At this point in time, you may have been trying to sell a particular boy or girl on why you would be the person that they should date. Convincing someone that doesn’t know you very well that you may be the perfect date or potential mate is a daunting task for most teenagers.

The different social classes that form in any middle and high school and raging hormones make life challenging especially when you are probably still working on developing your self-confidence as an individual.

Once she got into the business world, you had to learn how to sell yourself to your future employer. Prior to the Internet, this was an easier job than it is today.

In today’s world, you can coach your references on what to say about you to make you look like the ideal candidate for the job that for which you are applying. Unfortunately for some of you, the persona presented on your resume is completely different than the persona presented on your social networking sites.

You may not want to believe it but employers do check out your social networking sites and your personal website if you have one so they can get a better picture of who you are as a person.

To land a good job today, your social media presence, your personal website, your work history and your skill set need to be a good match for the company or they will move to the next candidate.

It is important to understand that you start developing your personal reputation as a child and your reputation evolves and grows as you age. You need to monitor, manage and grow your reputation so you can market it as the asset that it is.

As the video stated, selling is not evil but some salespeople are so persuasive they can make it look evil.

If You Think Selling Is Evil Then…
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