3 Online Marketing Changes 2012 Delivered

Online marketing has changed forever and Google is being blamed for the changes but the reality is they are reacting to the world to keep their business viable.

Online Marketing And Social Signals

A lot of people are clear what social signals because it means different things to different people. In the world of marketing, a social signal is the simple act of someone else sharing your information with their audience. Some of the different social signals that are used are:

  • Tweeting a piece of content that you have posted online.
  • Sharing some of your content with their friends on Facebook.
  • Embedding one of your videos on their blog.
  • Posting a video testimonial about your product or service on YouTube.
  • Placing review about your product or service on one of the many review sites online.
  • Giving you a written testimonial that you can place on your website.
  • Posting the comment at the end of one of your blog posts so that you and others can continue the discussion.
  • Adding the post they just read to one or more of their favorite social bookmark sites.

Before the Internet and smart phones became the way people communicated, the above activities were done by telephone, by letter and in face-to-face conversations. Back then, it was called word-of-mouth advertising in it is the most effective form of advertising that you can get.

The social media sites got so popular in 2012 that Google had to change their algorithm to include social signals as a ranking factor or their business model would completely lose its relevance and market share.

Marketing In The Mobile Factor

Google recently reported that 20% of all searches are done from mobile devices. With one fifth of your potential traffic being delivered to a mobile device, you had better learn how to make your site look good on a mobile device and how to monetize traffic delivered to those devices if you intend to stay in business.

Approximately one half of these mobile devices are produced by Apple and Apple does not do Flash.

Local Search

finding local business on google
Finding local business on Google

Google has also stated that approximately 30% of all searches include a local modifier. I suspect that a number of local searches to be higher than 30% because Google automatically tags your location when you are logged into your Gmail account when you do a search.

If you do a search from your mobile device and are logged into Gmail or have your GPS enabled, Google knows where you are and can tailor your searches to tailor the results to show businesses near you unless you enter a city modifier.

My Conclusion

Any local business that does not have a good online reputation (third-party reviews, testimonials and a social presence) is going to lose business to their competitors that have what they are missing in their online presence.

These local businesses also need a mobile friendly website or the potential customers will leave and never return and they will probably tell their friends not to bother with your site because it’s not mobile friendly.

Once you have developed a five star online reputation for your business and have a mobile friendly website, you need to use Google+ Local plus social media and the rest of your marketing materials to let your prospects and customers know that you have a five star reputation.

If you are a local business that has a bad reputation, no reputation or less than a five star reputation, you are losing customers to your competitors. You must start developing a five star reputation that shows up in Google if you want more customers. Click here to see if you have any bad reviews that could be affecting your online marketing.

3 Online Marketing Changes 2012 Delivered
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