You may have seen traffic exchanges but have you ever tested these to see if they are good ways to advertise your business? Anyone that has knowledge about advertising and studies these two similar but different exchanges will tell you most people that use them are using them incorrectly.

Your Target Market

The first step to using a traffic exchange is to identify who your target market is. Take a look at the pages being shown and you’ll see that almost all of them are for business opportunities or other traffic exchanges with some people trying to sell their products directly from the traffic exchange.

Since the pages being shown are for business opportunities, products or other traffic exchanges, your target market is obviously other people working business from home. By paying attention to the names on the affiliate pages, you’ll see the majority of this audience is women.

Traffic Exchanges

These sites are displayed anywhere from 5 to 40 seconds depending on the traffic exchange you are using. Studies have shown that the visitor to your website knows within 7 seconds of landing on your web page whether they are going to remain and read what you have to say.

Most of the pages I see advertised in traffic exchanges are heavy in graphics, flash or audio which will not load or be appreciated by the visitor.

The only things you should be concerned with in traffic exchanges are:

1. Getting the attention of the visitor to your page. You only have 5-7 seconds at the most so your headline must do this job.
2. Entice the visitor to take the action you desire. This action can be clicking a link to get free information from another web page or entering their information to receive a free report.

Manual Traffic Exchanges

Manual traffic exchanges like WebBizInsider require input from you before you advance to the next web page to ensure you are actually viewing the web pages being shown. To stop cheating, many exchanges use different numbers, images, security questions or other features to stop programs that try to automate the process.

If you have your own domain and hosting account so you can create and host your own lead capture pages that are used in these exchanges, you can add some code to your page that displays a banner from a banner exchange that lets you passively receive free targeted traffic without any additional effort.

Note: Using manual traffic exchanges is mind numbingly boring and it is usually a poor use of your time.

Tip: These exchanges do give you the opportunity to see what’s being advertised and what grabs your attention. When something does grab your attention, save it to a swipe file so you can study it later. Anything that grabbed your attention is likely to grab someone else’s too so study it and keep it so you can refer to your swipe file the next time you are creating sales pages, brochures or other advertising literature.

Autosurf Traffic Exchanges

Autosurf traffic exchanges like Slam Hits differ from manual traffic exchanges in that they automatically advance to the next page after a preset time. Some, but not all, of these autosurf traffic exchanges offer bonus credits every so many page views to reward users that actually view the sites in rotation and click a link that appears. Other autosurfs will halt rotation if you fail to answer their security questions.

Note: There are very few banner exchanges that allow inclusion in autosurf traffic exchanges so read the terms before trying to use one.

My computer runs 24 hours a day with one or more autosurfs running while I work because they’ve proven that they passively pick up leads for me on occasion.

Do your own testing and look at your business plan plus your daily plan of action to see if traffic exchanges are worth the effort in your business.

Traffic Exchanges and Marketing

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