Everyone I have ever talked to that’s starting or running a home based business or a small business of any kind ends up asking the same question at some point in time. This question is:

What’s the secret to success?

Not one of them liked the answer when they finally accepted its truth. They were looking for:

• A magic bullet.
• A quick fix.
• A way to generate money without work.
• A way to make money without spending money.

In general, they were looking for a way to reap the rewards without planting and nurturing the seeds.

Every successful person I’ve ever talked to, read about, seen interviewed or listened to said, essentially, the same thing.

• Find or create a hungry market for what you have.
• Create your plan on how you are going to satisfy that market.
• Communicate to that market that you have what they are seeking.
• Capture the information from both your customers and visitors so you can offer customer service.
• Regularly communicate with your visitors and customers so they don’t forget you.
• Offer your customers and visitors related products and services to create additional income.

The bottom line is you must research your market before you think about selling to them so you are fairly sure they’re hungry. You must create a business plan so you know how you’ll be spending your time and money. Looking at your reason WHY you are in business and your business plan regularly will help remind you why you are in business. Good customer support and communication lets you adapt your offerings to the changing needs, desires and wants of your customers. Offering related products or services gives you the chance to diversify with minimal risk or effort.

Enjoying what you do, remembering why you are doing it and keeping your business plan current will help keep you focused and on track towards the success you are seeking.

The Secret To Success

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