Does Your Advertising Send The Right Message?


Do you send the right advertising message? The right message can build your business but the wrong message may harm your business in addition to draining your wallet.

Delivering The Right Advertising Message

Every promotional message that you deliver should be focused entirely on how the prospect will benefit the product or service that you are recommending.

The brains of most people are hardwired to listen to one radio station that is WIIFM. WIIFM is an acronym that stands for the phrase “What’s in it for me?”

Unless your marketing message clearly answers the question of what’s in it for the prospect, you have no chance of making the sale.

In addition to telling them how they will benefit from using your product or service, you have to tell them how they will benefit more by doing business with you and by doing business with your competitor.

Once you convey your message properly, make sure that your ad has a call to action that tells them exactly what they should do next.

The Wrong Message

After you’ve been in marketing for a while, it will be very easy to spot ad copy that is sending the wrong message.

I live in central Florida in there is a personal injury law firm that does a massive amount of advertising on the local television stations that is sending the wrong message in almost every ad that they have on the air.

The worst of all of their TV commercials is one that shows the to lead attorneys from the law firm getting out of a limo onto a red carpet in front of the courthouse with the red carpet being lined by what looks to be a group of reporters and groupies. This commercial makes me feel that they see themselves as rich and famous and that they love to flaunt their wealth.

If I needed a personal injury attorney, I would definitely not go to these guys after seeing that commercial because the impression I got is that they would take the lion’s share of any money received from any case that they win.

Another commercial they air frequently shows them coming out of the courthouse to a podium that has 20 or 30 microphones attached to it and it is surrounded by what is supposed to be reporters. Every time I see this commercial, I think of a high profile defense attorney instead of a personal injury attorney.

This firm has six or seven additional commercials with all of them having a polished Hollywood look and feel that builds their brand but does nothing to convey the message to potential clients that they understand their pain and suffering and they want to help them seek justice.

Since I am a marketer, I went to Google and searched their company name after seeing one of their television ads and a few of the customer reviews in their Google+ Local listing confirmed that some of their clients thought that they were extremely overpriced.

These guys may be very good lawyers and they may be very good at what they do but they do not know how to effectively market their services using either television or through online marketing.

I hope you can find someone not connected with your business to evaluate your marketing pieces to see if the advertising message that you have crafted conveys the message that you are trying to get across to your customers.

If you are very good at what you do but you know you are weak at marketing, make room in your budget for a marketing consultant that can help you develop and implement a strategic marketing plan that will help you grow your business the way you have envisioned it growing. The right marketing consultant will make you more money than what they cost so they will be an asset to your business rather than an expense.

Every local business that wishes to really grow needs to reach the point where they are spending at least $1,000 a month on marketing their business as quickly as possible. Every penny that is spent on marketing needs to be tracked so that you can measure the ROI on that spend.

If you are a local business that is ready to grow, give me a call at 863-274-1859 and we can schedule a free audit to see what, if any, marketing issues exist for your business.

Does Your Advertising Send The Right Message?
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