Marketing your business is how you bring in new customers and build a bigger business but you can also kill your business with marketing by forgetting business basics.

Your business plan is your blueprint. It isn’t a static document you create once then set aside. Review it regularly to see where it needs adapted. It is a guide but your business might be growing faster or slower than you expected so you need to adjust your goals, marketing plan or strategies to keep on track or adjust your track.

Let’s say your original goal was to be making a minimum of $1,000 a month or more in the first year and you reached that in the first quarter. You need to revise your goals and adjust your expenditures on knowledge and advertising so you can manage, sustain and further accelerate your growth.

Don’t Forget The Basics.

I’ve already mentioned the importance of your business plan. Your daily plan of action, product or service, customer service and business tracking are all just as important.

If you’ve been tracking your business as you should, you already know what advertising works for you. Now is the time to expand your efforts on what works and start testing something new to see if it will help or hinder your growth.

Do not jump into the latest fad because of the hype. It is good to learn about blogging, social networking, social bookmarking and multimedia presentations and to test these and other technologies to see what you can use to improve your business.

Blogs might be a way to give your customers and newsletter subscribers a friendlier way to interact with you and your staff.

Social networking can either help your business or destroy it. I think the difference is how you use it. Think of a social network site like you’d think of offline business groups and business fairs. Use your profile to informally present your expertise and your business. Create friendships based on getting to know people you can help and those that can help you. Stay focused on why you are networking rather than on doing personal presentations that take the focus completely off business. This environment does give you the room to bring in who you are and what you are about but always keep your eye on why you are doing this. A word of caution though, social networking can be a time thief that will take your focus off your business if allowed.

Social bookmarking sites allow you to share your bookmarks with others. Do not put sites in your listing that will give people the wrong impression about you and your business. Example: listing bookmarks that are mostly about business, marketing, lead generation and article marketing tell people you are focused on your business but adding a bunch of links to pornographic sites will turn off a number of potential customers.

Multimedia presentations when used properly can help drive traffic to your site and describe your offering in a way more people will remember. Humans retain more information when more than one sense is used so adding a slide show with an audio overview is remembered longer than a textual overview. Using some of the free video hosting services for your presentations will give you the chance to have that seen by many that don’t even know about your business or product.

Business Basics and Marketing
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