Are You Killing Your Business By Working In Your Business?


Do you spend your business day moving from one crisis or chore to the next to put out fires instead of running a well-oiled machine?

Do you believe that none of your employees can run your business as well as you can run it?

As a business owner, you are required to wear many hats. Some of these hats may be:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • human resources officer
  • customer service department
  • bookkeeper
  • purchasing agent
  • public relations department
  • copywriter
  • marketing department
  • sales manager
  • janitor

Thout of businessat’s just some of the roles that you have to fill as a business owner. Assuming that you are an expert at each role mentioned above and can find the time to perform each job at the expert level that it deserves, when would you find time to spend quality time with your family, to give back to the community and to enjoy the lifestyle that you are working to create for you and your family?

I think you’ll agree that your time is better spent selling than it is sweeping the floors. You may also agree that you can hire people to do your books, stock your shelves, write your sales copy and do other tasks that you don’t like to do yourself or that you know that you aren’t very good at doing well.

If you are like many business owners, your business is your baby as well as your dream. You love it as much or almost as much as any member of your family and, in your gut, you know that some jobs can easily be done by others just as well, if not better, then you can do them yourself but your heart tells you that it is very hard to relinquish any of that control of your dream to another.

Because of this love, it will be hard to acknowledge that you need a team to turn your dream into a moneymaking machine that can consistently deliver the money needed to fund your ultimate goal.

When you learn to hand off the jobs that you are not good at or do not like doing, you are giving yourself the freedom to do what you are good at and the freedom to enjoy life while others help you make your business grow.

Which sounds better to you, watching your business slowly die because you insist on working in your business because you refuse to give up even a little bit of control to somebody else or delegating some of the responsibilities to others so you can live the lifestyle that you ultimately dream of while your dream provides for you and your family?

Are You Killing Your Business By Working In Your Business?

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