Do You Think The Carnival Cruise Line Reputation Was Damaged This Week?

Your business is one review away from having a bad reputation. Carnival Cruise Lines was on the national news for several days this week because of their disabled cruise ship drifting at sea.

The coverage on television, radio and in print will be forgotten with the next major news story. Unfortunately for Carnival Cruise Lines, the passengers that were on that ship and their families were connected by cell phone and social media.

The tweets on Twitter, the posts on Facebook and any images that have and will be shared on other social media platforms or blogs will be out there forever.

Word-of-mouth advertising has helped build the cruise industry to the level that it is today. When you have a cruise ship with 3000+ passengers drifting at sea for several days, don’t you think the word-of-mouth advertising that they will do will put a dent in the future bookings on that ship?

Carnival did the right thing by giving them a full refund and credit towards a future cruise but they still have a public-relations nightmare on their hands.

The fact that that ship flies the Bahamian flag instead of the US flag has raised the question again on why all but one cruise ship sailing out of US ports registers each ship in countries where the standards are more lax than the United States requires.

If you register your business in another country because the rules and regulations allow you to cut corners and save money, should we feel sorry for you when your reputation gets damaged from word-of-mouth advertising after a mishap adversely affects your business?

Fortunately, there was no loss of life during this incident.

The fire that took out the electrical system may not have been preventable but you would think that Carnival would’ve had additional backup generators that they could’ve gotten to the ship much quicker than they did to reduce the inconvenience is much as possible.

This isn’t the first Carnival owned cruise ship to have problems and it won’t be the last. Unfortunately, cruise ships make the news too often because of crimes on board ship, mechanical malfunctions or crew mistakes. These ships are essentially floating cities so it’s little wonder that they would mirror society as a whole.

Maybe it’s time the industry starts thinking more about the reputation of the industry as a whole rather than just the bottom line.

Your business may not have anything to do with the cruise industry but your business is one bad review away from a bad reputation in your community. Visit get your local reputation report to see if your local business has a good or bad reputation.

Do You Think The Carnival Cruise Line Reputation Was Damaged This Week?
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