Video Marketing Would Help Your Local Business


Video marketing would help almost every type of local business but I can almost guarantee that you and most of your competitors aren’t using it in your marketing.

Why Video Marketing?

There are many reasons you that you should be using video marketing and some of them are:

  • Most of your customers grew up watching television and they now get a lot of their information from YouTube.
  • It’s 50 times easier to get a video on page one of Google than it is to get an article on page 1.
  • More people trust what they see in the video over what they read in an article.
  • You can convey more information in a 2 to 3 minute video that people will watch over a 500 word article that many will skim through.
  • Videos can be viewed on everything from a smart phone up to a home television that is connected to the Internet but you cannot say the same for the written word.

Since many of your customers are already watching videos on YouTube using everything from their smart phone to their computer, wouldn’t it make sense to put your marketing message on a medium that they trust and use on a regular basis?

If you do searches on Google for some of the major keywords used in your industry, you will probably find very few, if any, videos anywhere on the first 5 to 7 pages of search results. This means you’re looking at almost virgin territory for a marketing method that can be very effective.

When there are videos on the first five pages, that just means your video has to be optimized better and marketed a little more aggressively to beat out the competition.

Videos are no longer is expensive to produce and market as they once were. You may be surprised to learn how affordable and how profitable a video marketing campaign could be for your local business when put in the hands of professionals. Give me a call at 863-274-1859 and let’s explore the video marketing potential for your business.

Video Marketing Would Help Your Local Business
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