A keyword is a word or phrase that is typed into a search engine to find information. Many people start out with a general search term like ‘marketing’. That word brings back 36.8 million pages in Google.

No one is going to go through that many sites to find the information they are seeking. After the first 2-3 pages, they’ll refine their search by adding additional words.

‘Marketing’ may become ‘internet marketing’, ‘internet email marketing’ or some other variation that does a better job of narrowing the results.

By creating web pages that target one keyword phrase and knowing what people are seeking within your market, you may get fewer visitors but the ones that visit are more likely to know exactly what they are seeking. Since they know exactly what they are seeking, they will either be in research mode for a specific product or service or they’ll be ready to buy.

Know your market, target a specific segment of that market on each page and deliver quality information, products or services plus great customer support and you have the foundation for a super business.

Your website stats will, over time, show which keyword phrases visitors are using to find your website. These stats give you data that lets you write articles and do advertisements using those keyword phrases to generate more traffic.

The more time you spend doing keyword research that’ll let you focus your web pages on the search terms your potential customers are using the better your information will be received which could help increase sales.

Keyword Research and Your Business
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