What Type Of Website Does Your Business Use?


Different website types serve different functions. Do you know & understand the type of site you are using for your business? Your answer explains conversions.

Some of the different types of websites in use are:

  • virtual business card sites
  • brochure sites
  • information sites
  • marketing sites

Each type of website is designed to serve a specific purpose.

Virtual Business Card Sites

This type of website is used most often by salespeople that work almost exclusively off-line. With this type of website, you get a virtual business card that can have a little more information about you than your printed business card. In addition to your name, address and phone number, you often have an about page, a page to put links to your different social media profiles, a page to tell a little bit of more about your work and there will occasionally be an app that will allow the visitor to download your contact information directly to their cell phone.

Brochure Sites

For many years, businesses have been putting up static websites that look like digital versions of the printed company brochure. Once the site was online, the only time it was changed was when the company products or services changed. This type of website is no longer in favor because there is nothing to keep the visitor on the website for any length of time and no incentive for them to return to see if there’s anything new.

Information Sites

Anyone that has done any research into online marketing and search engine optimization has learned that content is king. You know that you need a steady supply of quality content to keep visitors and search engines returning to your website. The biggest problem I see with most people that have this type of site is the articles are not written with specific goals in mind.

Presenting information is good but it doesn’t help grow your business if no action is requested from the reader.

You are not writing like you would write an article for English class. You do not need a beginning, middle and end. Instead of the beginning, middle and end, you need a beginning, middle and a call to action to get more information.

You must satisfy the promise you made in the headline and in the opening paragraph but you must also leave the reader wanting more or there is no reason for them to do anything except read another article or leave the site.

Marketing Websites

All good marketing websites:

  • do a good job of pointing out your pain
  • do a good job of aggravating your pain
  • and hopefully do a good job of presenting how their solution is exactly what you need to make your pain go away.

These websites often use a combination of articles, images, videos and audio to deliver their message.

If you break the articles down, you will usually see the headline grabbed your attention and the first paragraph tells you what to expect in the article while it builds your interest.

The main body of the article point out and aggravates your pain so your desire for an immediate solution increases dramatically so that you are ready and willing to take immediate action once a good sounding solution is presented to you.

The desired action is not always to make an immediate purchase.

There are times when it is more beneficial to have you opt in to receive more information, to comment on a post, to share the content with your friends in exchange for a gift or to take some other action that benefits the marketer.

When you craft your own marketing sites, the most important thing to remember is your prospect has a problem and you have a solution and that your job is to show them how your solution provides the exact benefits needed to make that problem go away.

Most of the websites that I see for local businesses are information sites with a few brochure sites mixed in and this is unfortunate because they need a marketing site to get more customers.

Every local business needs a good marketing strategy in order to grow and if you are ready to grow your local business visit www.marketingintentionally.com where you can register for a free consultation to see if you are ready to take your business to the next level.

What Type Of Website Does Your Business Use?
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