Why Local Business Owners Should Not Do DIY Online Marketing


Local business owners like you are experts in your field but you are unlikely to know an online marketing expert or have the skill to do it yourself.

You probably have a business plan on how you are going to grow your business for the next one to five years but do you have a marketing plan that lays out the marketing strategies you plan to use to reach your goals?

Without a detailed marketing plan, the type of marketing that you do has been described in a number of colorful ways. Some of these are:

  • shotgun marketing
  • throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks
  • fragmented marketing
  • chance marketing

You’re basically using fragmented marketing:

  • when you get one person to design your website
  • when you get another person to maintain it
  • when you get another to do your mobile website
  • when you get another to do your search engine optimization
  • when you get another to do your social media marketing
  • when you get another to do local search or your reputation marketing.

Every time you add a new person to do a specific task for you without having an in overall marketing plan or communication between each of the providers there is no guarantee that their strategies will move your business in the same direction and at the speed that is best for your company.

In addition to the lack of cohesiveness between your marketing team, each marketer brings their own skill set to the table and their skills may or may not be up-to-date.

Social media marketing, local search, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and video marketing are changing rapidly. A true professional in each discipline adapts their techniques so they can stay up-to-date with what works best after each change.

Very few, if any, friends, neighbors, relatives, high school students, college students or individual service providers have the ability or the team to help you develop marketing strategies then implement them so that you achieve a positive return on your investment.

Every business owner wants a positive ROI on every aspect of their marketing. If you do your online marketing yourself or contracted it out to individual service providers, how can you track and measure the effectiveness of each individual technique that is being used?

The speed at which you can grow your business depends on how many of your marketing campaigns generate a positive ROI. Do yourself a favor and create a marketing plan that includes marketing strategies that are coordinated so that you have the highest chance of achieving success with all of your online marketing efforts.

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Why Local Business Owners Should Not Do DIY Online Marketing
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