Do You Know What Your Business Is Selling?


If you think your businesses selling products or services, you are limiting the speed at which you can grow your business. Think about this…

The first search engine was created to solve a problem. The problem was finding a single file that was located in one of hundreds, if not thousands, of directories which often took a lot of time.

The inventor of the first search engine created it so that he would not have to do the time-consuming searches by going into each folder to see if the file he wanted was there.

People use the search engines today to find information that will help them solve their problem of the moment.

Your business is selling solutions to people’s problems.

If your webpage does not contain information that tells the searcher how your solution to their problem is a better fit than your competitors, you will lose the sale to your competitor.

The problem may be something as simple as wanting more information on their favorite celebrity or on training their dog. If the search engines see your site as the most authoritative source for that information, then you will get the visitor.

Local business owners usually cannot compete with a big box store on price so you need to show how you offer superior service and remind the consumer that all of the money spent with you stays within your local community instead of going off to some faceless corporation outside of your area.

Another advantage you usually have as a local business owner is being able to get to know your customers well. This knowledge can sometimes make it easier for you to better illustrate how your product or service will be a great fit for their problem.

Since you know them, you may be able to offer additional uses for your product or service that they hadn’t thought of and this will make the purchase more valuable in their mind.

When they came in, they were looking for a solution to one problem but your knowledge of their needs, wants and desires has helped you show a solution to two or more problems with no additional expense.

Your personal service and added value will make your solution to their problem as better fit than a competitor that does not offer as much value as you can.

Every time you deliver more value than your customer expects, you are helping build the know, like and trust factor with that customer.

Do You Know What Your Business Is Selling?
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