I receive a lot of ezines as I’m sure many of you do and I’m starting to see trends that are disturbing me.

It looks like many of the Internet Marketers out there have forgotten the basics.

The foundation of every business should be the business plan. Add to that your daily plan of action or system you intend to use to reach your goals. Revisit your business plan regularly and revise to keep up with changes and your accomplishments.

• It looks like many are living from one product launch to the next.
• If someone undercuts the suggested retail price (Someone always will.) they whine instead of finding their unique selling proposition that the discounter shouldn’t be able to touch.
• Many seem to be focusing on selling products only in the Internet Marketing niche or in niches where someone else has done the research created the product and said here try this.
• It seems like a lot of marketers are trying to sell you the latest and greatest traffic generation gimmick that cheats the system for a short period of time instead of working the basics that have withstood the test of time.

The Internet is a tool you use to give our business much more exposure than you could get for the money in the real world but that makes it no less of a business.

You can spend your time learning new gimmicks that’ll be worthless in 6-18 months or you can pick a traffic generation technique that has been a proven winner and become the best at that before you start learning and expanding our skills into other traffic generation methods.

Information will always sell but you might need to find different niches, package the product differently or deliver it in a coaching environment. When packaged the way the consumer wants it delivered, information will ALWAYS sell.

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Disturbing Trends

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