That’s partially true. What many of the marketers pitching the latest list building techniques conveniently forget to tell you is the money is in a responsive list.

To build a responsive list you must work at building trust with the people on your list by providing unique and useful information on a regular basis. You must listen to their questions, complaints and accept both as easily as you’d accept praise.

Traditional list building isn’t for everyone because they are time consuming and require a LOT of work.

A new era has begun.

This new era takes us into the world of interacting with the people we wish to do business with. Blogs, social networking sites, social bookmarking sites and RSS Feeds are all ways you can share information with people now.

The social networking sites are very powerful in that they give you the opportunity to network with like minded people online in ways similar to what you used to be able to do offline with small business associations, Chamber of Commerce, etc.

These online social networks let you enter your contact information, a bio about what you do, place links to your websites and give you a way to search out and meet similar people. Build viable relationships in this environment and you’ve built something stronger than any mailing list could provide and this is trust with a real human that talks to you honestly.

Mailing lists are static and with spam filters they aren’t as effective as they once were.

Traditional mailing lists will always serve a function and those that choose to build and cultivate these lists are often incorporating them with blogs to add the interactive element.

To build and properly cultivate a responsive network, you will probably need to do some things that are uncomfortable at first because they are new and unfamiliar. Be you, remember why you are doing this and always be honest with people and you’ll do okay.

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The Money Is In The List, Right?
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