The Importance of Presentation

Presentation of the content on your site is just as important as the quality if not more so. One of the other sites I help maintain is a site devoted to your health and remedies.

The quality has never been an issue on this site and the keywords each remedy is targeting have been on target enough that we are receiving about 300 visitors per month from the search engines and blog directories. Our stats program estimates that about 87% of our visitors are bookmarking the site for return visits. The site I’m referring to is called Natural Remedies Cures | Alternative Healing Website .

You might wonder what the problem with the presentation is since everything listed sounds good and it is. There has always been one thing missing that I thought important.

No sites within our niche were picking up our content and using it on their sites through the RSS Feed we have.

That changed this week with a simple change in the way the content was presented on our site.

Up until this past week, almost ALL of the content was formatted much the same way cookbook recipes are formatted. The ingredients were listed with the instructions listed below them. While this format is very easy to look at and understand, it doesn’t translate well to similar sites looking for interesting content.

The format change was to put the remedies in a traditional article format that not only gives the remedy but provides a little history plus the reason why this may work.

Same type of content with a different presentation and the result was another site picked up the feed which gave us a high quality backlink without any effort.

This backlink may be short lived and of limited value as far as search engines are concerned BUT it exposes our content to potential new visitors to our website without ANY additional work.

This lesson taught me to think about how the presentation of my content affects the visitors that come to my sites but how well it will be received by webmasters with similar sites that are looking for fresh and original content for their sites.

Think about this for a minute, every backlink from an RSS Feed or article in an article directory is additional exposure and potential traffic that could last days, weeks, months or years.

Are YOU maximizing your presentations so they are giving you the biggest bang possible from your effort?

The Importance of Presentation

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