If you are on very many lists, you’ve seen a movie advertised called ‘The Secret’. This product has been endorsed by many marketers and Hollywood types too. The subject of this movie is the Law of Attraction. You may know what the law of attraction is and believe in it after watching this movie, if you didn’t already. The one thing this movie did not do for you was to tell you how to use this belief and knowledge.

An online marketer named Mark Hendricks has made a video series called The Real Secret which I think you should take about 30 minutes to watch.



In this video series Mark covers some of the same material that I’ve written here in the past. The Law of Attraction does exist. You must know what you really want. You must have a plan to get what you want. You must focus on getting what you want. You must act on your plan.

We can all live the life of abundance we desire and deserve if we are willing to plan for it, believe we deserve it enough to consistently work for it and stay focused in our daily actions towards our goals until we achieve them.You will face many obstacles, distractions and setbacks in your pursuit of your dreams but you’ll persist and continue to work towards them if you really want them to become your reality.

Think back to your childhood when you were first learning to ride a bicycle. Did you run away from it and never touch it again the first time you fell off? I’m betting your desire to ride that bicycle so you could enjoy the fun, freedom and status it could provide kept you at it until you reached your goal.

Many of us adults have forgotten that focused determination and allow ourselves to settle for less than we want and deserve.

Are you ready to rediscover your determination and stubbornness so you can reach your personal, spiritual and financial goals?

1.    Look within yourself to see what you REALLY want in each area of your life.
2.    Write out a plan of action with measurable goals along the way so you know you are moving towards your destination.
3.    Write out your daily action plan that you intend to work to reach your goals.
4.    Act on your plan each and every day just as you’ve written.

You may need to adjust your daily action plan or overall goals as they are surpassed but you’ve created a blueprint for the life YOU desire so it is up to you whether you are willing to make it your reality.

You are planning your success when you write out what you want and how you intend to get it. Your actions on your plan will tell you whether you are happy living a dream or if you really want the reality you’ve spelled out.

Success is within your reach and failure is also within your reach. Your actions and determination to succeed are the factors that decide which you’ll attract. No external force or person is responsible for either your success or failure.

The secret of success is taking action and overcoming every obstacle that’s thrown in front of you.

The Secret of Success

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