7 Customer Retention Tips


You know customer retention is vital but you’re so busy working your business that you don’t have time to give your current customers the attention they deserve.

Here are a few ways you can keep your business in front of your customers:

  • a newsletter that includes useful tips, information and coupons
  • a text message list that is used to deliver coupons
  • greeting cards that are sent out on birthdays, major holidays or any other occasion that is important to your customer that you can use to put your business name back in front of them while wishing them well on their special occasion
  • run a contest
  • run daily or weekly specials that are only for people that are on your list
  • do Google Hangouts on a regular basis to give your customers a chance to ask questions live
  • make YouTube videos that show how to use your product or service for maximum effectiveness

customer retentionThere are many ways that you can make your customers remember your business in a good way and every time you implement one or more of these strategies you may increase sales or customer loyalty.

If you have run the numbers, you will know that it is much cheaper to keep an existing customer and get them back in the door than it is to acquire a new customer.

Make your customers happy then ask them for referrals and reward them for bringing you new business.

Your customers like to be appreciated is much as you do so giving them little perks or even just a greeting card that acknowledges that you remember them and appreciate them will get you a lot of goodwill because many of your competitors won’t be willing to make the effort.

Your existing customers have purchased from you so they have a certain amount of know, like and trust in you or your business so use that to your advantage to keep them buying and to help get new business by getting customer reviews and using them to get word-of-mouth advertising.

7 Customer Retention Tips
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