Not all traffic is created equal and the more targeted your traffic is usually means the quality of the traffic you receive is higher. This highly targeted quality traffic will usually deliver more buyers if your sales copy and product are good.

We’ve talked about many ways of driving traffic to your website with search engines being a good source of free traffic but they can be fickle. Direct mail, flyers and other methods also work well.

Today, I’m going to share with you a way to put your advertisements in front of business opportunity seekers and many have proven they have money to spend.
Instant Blog Subscribers – This is a program that is free to join but you will benefit more by upgrading. This program launched in July 2010 and is already delivering new prospects and customers to hundreds if not thousands of members that actively use the service.

There are places where you can buy targeted advertising and many will not have business opportunities attached nor have the large base of opportunity seekers IBS has.

You need to look at your business plan and decide whether you can afford to test the program to see if it delivers the quality traffic you are seeking for your business.

Quality Traffic for Your Business
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