Does Your Business Marketing Plan Have This As Step 3?


Let’s say you used your marketing plan to help you create a 5 star reputation & to expand the reach of your business. It’s now time to start making more money.

business marketing planIn this step, there are two ways to make more money.

Method 1

With this method, you will be asking each customer if they would like to buy a related item.

In the Internet marketing world, this is known as upsell’s, down sells and cross sells.

A perfect example of this method in action can be found at almost any fast food joint. When you order a sandwich, you get asked if you would like a soda to go with your sandwich and regardless of your answer you are usually then asked if you would like fries.

By the time you get through the line at your favorite burger shop, the sandwich you went in to buy may have turned into a sandwich with fries, a desert of some kind and a beverage to wash it down.

You, my friend, have experienced the ultimate sales funnel that included upsell’s, down sells and cross sells.

Method 2

Customer reactivation and retention is the goal of this method.

It is common knowledge that the easiest customer to sell to is an existing customer. Unfortunately, too many businesses fail to consistently keep their name in front of these customers and present them with new offers.

There are multiple ways you can keep your name in front of your customers and work to maintain their loyalty. Some of these ways are:

  • a regular newsletter (include tips, tricks, information and subscriber only specials)
  • contests that can only be entered in the store
  • specials delivered by text messages that are only good for a few hours or on the day the message is sent
  • weekly specials
  • a customer reward program
  • daily specials

You know your customers and your industry so use your creativity and a marketing consultant, if necessary, to implement methods that will let you market to your existing customers while the process outlined in my post “Does Your Business Marketing Plan Have This As Step 2?” continues to work to expand your reach.

Give us a call at (863) 274-1859 if you need help implementing in the of the above.

Does Your Business Marketing Plan Have This As Step 3?
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