In my article last week titled Is Your Business Solving a Problem? , I talked about using people’s emotions to get their attention for your business. Today’s message is to teach your prospects to trust you by sharing enough knowledge to show your expertise in your field.

Almost every business category has a forum, group, newsletter or other medium where potential customers gather looking for answers to specific problems. It doesn’t matter whether it is air conditioning, weight loss or raising zebras. Visit the groups that are within your area of expertise and read the postings and you’ll quickly find people asking questions you and your business may solve.

Create a profile within the group that fits your target market and add a signature to your profile that points to your business’s newsletter, a special report that’s informative but not all inclusive. Leave the consumer impressed with your skills and hungry for your services. Pre-sell instead of trying to sell in this setting. Your goal in this environment is to share enough of your expertise to be seen as an expert with answers.

Once people see your expertise and start to trust you, they will visit your site, join your newsletter then become your customer.

This method of advertising is slow and takes time but when done properly the flow of highly targeted and motivated buyers will come because you took the time to teach them to be good consumers for your business.

Share Your Expertise
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