Websites are becoming more important each day to business owners. If you doubt this, start paying attention to TV advertisements and see how many of them include a URL in their ads. There are many reasons for this but the younger generations grew up connected to the internet and going to a website to get information is as preferable, if not more preferable, to picking up the phone and calling a tool free number.

Once visitors get online, they are increasingly expecting websites to give them the ability to interact. If your site doesn’t offer ways to vote on an article, see what’s popular with other visitors, search the site, leave comments or in some way feel like they are helping shape their experience or that of others; you will lose visitors.

These tech savvy consumers are looking for ways to quickly share something they like through social bookmark sites, Instant Messenger, RSS Feeds and video reviews that they create after leaving a site. Present a static site that seldom changes and offers very few, if any, way to communicate and interact and your site will become a ghost town in a hurry.If you are on the mailing lists of very many internet marketers, you may have received a number of messages about Web 2.0 and different marketers stating WordPress is the best platform for websites and others saying Joomla! is the best platform. I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it again that the best website for your business is what works best for your business plan, customers and you.

You must keep up with what’s happening with your customers and adapt to meet their needs. If you aren’t aware of the meaning of Web 2.0, it has morphed to mean a technology that lets users interact on your site.

Adding a blog to your site, a forum, the ability to comment on recent tips or articles you’ve written and ways the visitor/prospect/customer can feel they are welcome, appreciated and listened to is important.

Just to give you a little taste of how important this interactive ability is, I’ve been adding those elements to Natural Remedies Cures | Alternative Healing Website and this site because my stats over at remedies are showing increased traffic whenever a new post is announced to some of the social bookmarking sites and portals. I added a plugin to the blog that invited people to subscribe to the RSS Feed and a visitor that visits often subscribed.

Almost every interactive feature that has been added has meant an increase in traffic.

Take the time to examine your current website, business plan and customer base to see if the time and effort required to make the necessary changes are worth the expense and fit in with your goals.

How Do You Present Your Business Online?

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