Marketing Your Business By Committee Rarely Works


Marketing your business requires a strategic plan which is followed by consistent implementation and that is difficult if you have more than one decision maker.

online marketing consultant
online marketing consultant

Within the last month, I have encountered to examples of what can go wrong when you have multiple people handling different parts of your online presence and marketing.

Example 1

This group made multiple mistakes and some of them are:

  • They hired a web developer in 2011 to create a site for them and did not have a contract in place.
  • They let the web developer purchase the domain in his name.
  • They let the web developer host and maintain the website with no written contract.
  • They did not request administrative login access to the WordPress powered website that was created for them.

The group and the web developer no longer see eye to eye and they are upset that the developer is requesting that they pay him thousands of dollars to release a website that they paid him to develop. Unfortunately, everything is in his name, he has been hosting and maintaining the site and they had no contract stating that the copyright and ownership would be transferred to them once the development was complete.

In 2012, this same group had the same web developer create a second website for them and the only thing they did differently this time was they purchased the domain name so they at least have that since he is again holding everything hostage.

My business partner and I had to communicate with five different people over a two week period to get the full story.

The moral of the story is to either have one tech savvy person within your organization or connect with the business a marketing consultant that you can trust to give the proper advice.

Example 2

This is a group that is helping women improve their lives. Some of the problems these women had were:

  • A WordPress powered website that is unappealing to the eye.
  • The site was laid out with no logical flow to the navigation for the visitor.
  • The hosting company being used does not have 24-hour phone support.
  • There were links to webpages within the content that were not active hyperlinks.
  • If you wanted to make a purchase, you were taken to another site without being warned ahead of time and there was no way to easily return to the original site.
  • The site is selling products and services but there were none of the policies that you would expect to see on a professional site.
  • No single person has access to everything that is needed to update or move the primary website and the ancillary websites into an environment for an easy to follow and logical flow could be put in place.

This group owns their stuff and has a better handle on the situation than the group in the first example but they have clearly made some mistakes that have probably cost them money in the way of lost business and these mistakes could have potentially cost them their business if a complaint was made to the proper authorities.

Fortunately, this group connected with my partner before anything unfortunate happened to their business or website.

Neither of these groups has any organized promotional methods being used. Since no single person is in charge, there is no cohesive marketing being done through social media or search engine marketing.

If your technical or marketing skills aren’t up to par and no one else within your organization has the appropriate skills, do your business a favor and bring in a marketing consultant that has a good technical team to help.

Marketing Your Business By Committee Rarely Works
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