Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Outdated?


Best practices for online marketing changes rapidly & if your digital marketing strategy isn’t current, you might as well say you don’t have a strategy.

Search Engine Marketing

The search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis to try to weed out poor results. These change mean the methods you learned a year or two ago on search engine optimization and marketing may now hurt you instead of helping you get to page one of the results.

Some of the changes Google made to their algorithm in 2012 saw some sites that were ranked on page 1 get pushed so far back they were invisible or they got removed from the index completely. Most of the sites that were most adversely affected were using linking methods that were widely taught as late as 2009.

If your search engine marketing plan has not been updated since the last major update done by Google earlier this year, you may be using a search engine marketing strategy that is less effective than it could be, it may be completely ineffective or it may be downright dangerous to use.

Google wants to see quality content in the search engine results. Since the search engine spiders cannot read your content, the two biggest metrics on how much your visitors like your content is the social proof that they leave behind in the way of testimonials, comments, sharing on the social networks and the time that they spend on your site during each visit.

Images, audio and video are three ways you can enhance the value of your content in increase time on site.

Social Media Marketing

Your personal marketing style may not fit well into the social media world. I understand this and can empathize with you because social media is not my forte but it is an area that cannot be completely ignored if you want to have your business in front of your customers.

Most people think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest when they think of social media sites. YouTube is one of the biggest social sites out there and its importance is only going to increase as Google completes the integration between YouTube and G+.

G+ is considered the second largest social media site but YouTube is the second most used search engine online and it delivers over 1 billion video views per month. When these two powerful platforms are combined, Google will have a mobile friendly social property that you will need to use effectively if you want to get in front of your customers.

Businesses that have tied their Google+ pages and their YouTube channels together and then use Google Hangouts to generate content that is streamed to the YouTube channel are seeing their content rank high in both YouTube and in the Google search results.

The bottom line is that your marketing strategies must evolve as the technologies available to you evolve and that happens very quickly online. Social media marketing, video marketing and search engine marketing are no longer separate entities that can be learned and utilize apart from each other.

You must develop and implement a digital marketing strategy that is cohesive, current and adaptable if you want to get your message in front of your prospects.

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Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy Outdated?

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