Presentation Is Everything In Sales


The best sales people know that presenting their product or service so the customer can visualize himself using that product or service makes the sale easier.

Do you make it easy for your customers to visualize themselves using your product or service?

Here are a few examples of how some of the top producers make visualization easy for the customer:

Real Estate Sales

A top producing agent will often bring in an interior decorator to get the right furniture, curtains and presentation in place so the home looks like it could be profiled in a home and garden magazine.

The same agent may hire a professional real estate photographer to get beautiful high definition photos of every aspect of the home.

A high definition video that gives a virtual home tour may also be produced and set to music that matches the mood their realtor wants to set in your mind.

RV Sales

A good RV salesperson will get to know you and find out how you plan on using your new RV. This knowledge is then used to point you to an RV that fits your use, your budget and it is also used to tell a story about another couple using that RV in a similar manner so you can visualize yourself duplicating their fun.

When a good salesperson weaves story that paints a picture where you can visualize yourself as part of the story, they do not have to sell you because your subconscious mind will make the decision for you and you will find a way to justify your purchase so you can turn that story into your reality.

Service Sales

Depending upon your service, the approach you take to selling it will vary.

If you are selling carpet cleaning services, your pitch may be that you are saving them time, money and extending the life of their carpet. You need to have a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from all of your competitors or your customers will try to beat you down on price.

One man I know that used to be in the carpet cleaning business used a USP of being the most expensive service in town and he justified this by making sure that his employees were all clean-cut and bonded in addition to having a good guarantee. His confidence in his crew and the job that they performed allowed him to get out of the price challenges his competitors always faced.

Website Development

You can run into someone that is calling himself or herself a web developer almost every time you turn the corner.

If you are going to develop websites for your customers, you have to have a USP that sets you apart from everyone else or you will constantly have customers trying to browbeat you on price.

There are multiple reasons for the customer trying to say that you are overpriced and some of these reasons are:

  • The customer wants a good bargain.
  • The customer does not understand the difference in quality between websites.
  • The customer does not have a clear vision of what they want or need in a website.
  • The customer has read articles online that specify a price range that they should be able to buy a website for but these articles do not make it clear that a custom site can never fall into a price range that is preset using generic templates.
  • The customer has no idea of the amount of time or expertise that is required to turn their vision into a fully functional business asset.

If you really want the job, you will have to take the time to educate the prospect then set realistic expectations on what is and is not possible within their budget.

There will be times in which you will have to accept that there is no way you will be able to work with the customer that you know in your gut will be toxic to your business.

You can present all of the examples in your portfolio to your prospects to present your work well but if they do not understand what goes on underneath the pretty exterior that they see they will compare your high-quality website with a barely functional site that is much, much cheaper just because it looks as good as anything in your portfolio.

Presentation of your product or service is vital to your success but having an educated consumer that understands the value of the product or service is just as vital to your success.

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Presentation Is Everything In Sales
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