I read a report Paul Kleinmeulman sent to his newsletter subscribers this week and it reminded me why his newsletter is one of the few I actually take the time to read each week rather than just scanning if I even do that before deleting.

He takes the time to write articles and stories that are interesting or useful to the reader.

Paul gives you the impression in every message that he knows his stuff, that he’s sharing information he uses himself and that he cares about his readers.

Every business person needs to have or develop this mindset when dealing with prospects and customers.

Many studies have shown it is cheaper to keep a current customer than acquire a new one. With this knowledge, why wouldn’t you want to take the time to provide a little extra service, acknowledgement or helpful information that can help your customer decide to do business with you again?

All humans listen almost exclusively to radio station WIIFM in their head. If you aren’t familiar with that station it is the internal voice that asks, what’s in it for me? Clearly spell out the benefits to your audience in every communication and you will go a long way towards winning them over.

Almost everything that is being sold can be bought elsewhere for the same money or less so you must be different from your competitors by providing service or education they might not.

Don’t enter into a bonus war either because that is a no win situation. Look at what your competition is doing and chart a different course. Do the same as they do and you’ll be easily overlooked.

Do something that makes you unique and valuable in the eyes of your customers if you wish to retain their business and get them to tell their friends about you and your business.

An Internet Marketer with the Right Mindset

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