Build Your Business By Doing The Right Thing


You and your business can both benefit when you do the right things in your community. Here’s just a few ways that you can help but there are many more.

Local Charities

Every local charity needs more money, volunteers and support. Find one that fits your passion and beliefs and get behind it. Volunteer first, if you have time.

If you think your time is too limited, find a way to get involved:

  • by offering money
  • by offering your expertise to help them
  • by offering to hold fund raising events at your place of business for the charity.

Depending on the charity or organization you choose to join, you may get direct access to professionals that normally have gatekeepers that bar you access to the decision maker.

Meeting these professionals while helping a cause you are both passionate about puts you in a position of building the all-important know, like and trust without being seen as a sales person.

As you get to know each other, you’ll decide whether you like each other as people and you’ll naturally share what you each do for a living.

Friendships created during charity events give you the opportunity to share your expertise with both the charity and the professionals you want as customers or strategic partners.

You cannot buy the goodwill this can bring you and you cannot get enough face time as a sales person to really showcase what you do well.

If you can use your skills to get the funds, etc. the charity needs, you’ll have awesome social proof the professionals you worked with will never question.

Other Things You Can Do

  • Sponsor a little league team – especially if you are a parent of a child in that age group.
  • Hold a car wash or some other fundraising event for a person or family from your community that’s in the news because of a tragedy.
  • And many, more.

Be creative in the ways you help and ALWAYS use the media (TV, radio, newspapers, social media, YouTube, press releases) to get maximum exposure for the event.

You can legitimately use your name and business as the contact for more information.

Leave your thoughts below then go create some goodwill by doing the right thing in your community.

Build Your Business By Doing The Right Thing
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