Why Aren’t You Taking Advantage Of Local Search For Your Business?


Local search is how you are going to be found & it’s free but according to the last statistic I saw from Google about 73% of you have not claimed your listing.

Google is just one of many places online where you and your competitors can have free directory listings which will make it easier for customers to find you.

These directories also make it easy for your customers to review your business even if you have not claimed your listing.

You may have a local listing that you do not know exists and it may already have one or more reviews that could be helping or hurting your business.

In this case, ignorance is not bliss.

The only thing going for you in this case is that many of your competitors are just as clueless about online marketing.

This is one competition you cannot afford to lose and most of you have yet to step onto this new battlefield.

The first business owner in your industry within your community that takes the time to either learn about this new marketing medium or hires a consultant to do the work for them will dominate the digital marketplace in your area.

If you know how to take advantage of local search to use it to generate leads for your business, you will be surprised at how many quality leads could come your way.

Depending upon your industry, community size and your location, you could be missing out on 5 to 15 highly targeted leads each week.

Here are a few examples of local searches that are being done in the estimated search volume on just Google:

Search TermEstimated Monthly Searches
Tampa roofing contractors720
Tampa plastic surgeon3600
Plastic surgeon Tampa FL1000
Tampa medical weight loss260

 Your industry may get more or fewer monthly searches but the important thing is these people are actively looking for a place to give their business.

Since your business isn’t found near the top of their local search, if it’s listed at all, one of your competitors is most likely going to get their business.

Click the link to see if you show up in the local listings: http://www.youronlinerepscore.com

Why Aren’t You Taking Advantage Of Local Search For Your Business?

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