Think Right Now for Windows is a piece of self improvement software you install on your computer for reprogramming your mind. Your mind is your biggest asset and your biggest liability for your personal and business success on any given day.

Everything you’ve ever seen, done, been told or experienced has helped program your conscious and subconscious mind. These past experiences whether positive or negative are unconsciously influencing your decisions today. Of these two parts of your mind, the subconscious mind is the more powerful. With the right tools and time, you can change your internal programming to be more beneficial by replacing the negative programming you’ve acquired over the years with positive programming you choose to install.

Think Right Now for Windows software is designed to deliver subliminal messages in the form of positive affirmations to you while you work on your computer.

I’ve tried subliminal tapes before and they did not work. I was still skeptical after reading the website for the Think Right Now for Windows software but I bought it because I knew there had to be a solution and the website and the testimonials sounded logical to me.

I am slowly seeing my thought patterns change after using the software more consistently for the last month. The rate of change is speeding up some since I take the time now to read the affirmations at least once a day while listening to the music that’s built into the software. I’m also starting to use the software almost daily which helps too.

The affirmations flickering on the screen are disconcerting at times but I’ve grown used to them. They may be less noticeable if I didn’t have a tendency to have too many large programs open and running at the same time.

The ‘mood’ music that’s built in has been the most enjoyable and beneficial part of the software so far. I find that it helps level out my mood and that I don’t get as tired as I used to while spending hours at a time working in front of my monitor.

With the help of this software and some very good friends kicking me where it hurts, I’m gradually dumping the negative attitudes I have about money and replacing them with those the Think Right Now for Windows software provides. Once this foundation is a little better established, I’ll move on to the setting and achieving goals and unstoppable motivation audio CDs so I can put my business on the financial track I deserve.

If you wish to have a life that you love and an income that allows you to live it on your terms, I think the programs from Think Right Now are awesome but the Think Right Now for Windows software should be considered as a compliment to the audio CDs rather than as a replacement for them.

How quickly you see results will depend on how consistently you use the program or programs you use will play a factor in the speed of your change and how deeply ingrained your negative beliefs are will also affect the speed of the results.

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