Smartphone + Local Search = Local Business Profits If…


Your local business can profit from local search and all of those smart phones that your customers have if you take the steps needed to be found on their phone.

There are three main things that work together that will help you get positioned where you need to be to be found in local search. If you are missing any one of these components, your competition may be found ahead of you on both a desktop search and during a mobile search.

The three main things you need are:

  • ·         A mobile friendly website that is search engine optimized that invites social interaction from your customers.
  • ·         An optimized listing in more local directories, which includes the search engines, then your competitors.
  • ·         More social proof from your customers than your competitors have from their customers. (Social proof is customer testimonials on third-party review sites, testimonials on your website, Facebook likes, social media shares and tweets.)


Google and the other major search engine used these three components to determine which business is the authority in their marketplace.

When a customer searches for a local business, the reputation of that business, if it exists, is one of the first things that will be seen besides the name, address and phone number of the business.

These customer reviews are extremely powerful social proof of the quality of your business.

A recent survey revealed that 70% of the respondents stated that they trust these third-party reviews at much as they trust recommendations from friends and family.

Social media sites are also used by your customers to get feedback from their friends and acquaintances on their experiences with your business.

The quantity and quality of the social proof that you have online will be a great help in growing or killing your business.

Local Search

Local search is any search that is done online or off-line that has a geo-modifier with it. With the new smart phones, the geo-modifier is often unnecessary because the phones GPS system is used by the search engine to know where you are so they can present businesses near you as the results.

When you do a search on Google using your smart phone, you will usually see a list of the name, address, phone number and the review rating for 3 to 7 local businesses.

Smart Phone

Unfortunately, many of the businesses that show up in these local listings have websites that look bad on a cell phone.

Two thirds of people that visit one of these websites that are ugly on mobile devices will leave and never return.

A smart business person like you will take this information and use it to get mobile friendly, to develop a five star reputation and to gain the visibility you need to attract the mobile customers that are proven action takers.

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Smartphone + Local Search = Local Business Profits If…
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