How To Generate Money Making Ideas


You probably have money making ideas on a regular basis but you fail to write them down or don’t take action. Do you use any of the methods mentioned below?

Step One

Make a list of all your passions. List everything you are passionate about even if you aren’t very good at it or even if you know nothing at all about the subject but want to learn.

This list is a vital starting point for any money making endeavor that you will support over the long-term.

If you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, you will quickly tire of it and focus on something that you find more enjoyable.

You will find that doing what you enjoy isn’t thought of as work so you will happily do what is needed to succeed for hours on end.

On the other hand, you will look for the slightest excuse to get away from something that you see as a chore.

Step Two

Organize your list of passions from most passionate about the subject to least passionate.

By organizing your list in this manner, you’re taking the first step in identifying the money making methods that you would willingly spend time working on with ease.

Additionally, by starting with the methods that you enjoy the most, you will be most likely to actively seek out others with the same passion and work to build a relationship with these people.

Step Three

Find out where the people that are passionate about your subject hang out most frequently and create a list starting with most-active first and the least active last.

Once you have your list of places where your target audience hangs out, join the most active groups and become part of the community. It’s best that you become part of communities that allow you to create a signature that shows after you show that you are a real member of the community.

Make sure you note the problems that are brought up most often.

Some of the time, you can immediately solve the problem within the group to show your expertise. At other times, however, it may be best to point them to a more complete answer that is on your website or blog.

This more complete answer may or may not come in the form of a product that you or someone else created.

Your primary goal within these groups should be to build a community of followers that know you, like you, trust you and value your expertise.

Once you have reached this goal, it will be much easier to convert these people into buyers of products or services that you present that provide real solutions to their problems or that feed their passion.

Some of the popular places that you can look for groups of people that are passionate on almost any subject are:

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo! Groups
  • Google groups
  • Google+ groups
  • YouTube
  • Forums

There may be clubs and associations as well as other social networking sites where your target audience congregates but the above are the most popular for many niches.

If you have an off-line business that you are passionate about, you may be able to create a membership site online where people will pay you to learn your skills.

One industry that would translate very well into an online membership site is that of the personal trainer.

A good maintenance man could also create a series of how-to videos, books or a combination of the two that teach homeowners or renters how to do their own home repairs. An educated consumer just might become your best customer once they learn how much time and effort will be needed to properly do the job.

If you do lawn care or landscaping, you could make a series of books or videos on your profession as well.

I’ve only scratched the surface of the ways that you can make money online using skills that you already possess and finding groups of other people that are passionate about acquiring those skills.

Leave your ideas below or feel free to ask a question.

How To Generate Money Making Ideas
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