How Being A Published Author Can Help Your Business


If you are a published author, your business can benefit in many ways. This article will share with you just a few of the ways your business can benefit.

Instant Expert

Once you publish a book, you are instantly viewed as an expert on the subject. You may or may not be an expert on the subject but you will be perceived as an expert just by being published.

This expert status will help you with customers because they like to do business with someone they perceive as the best in their field.

You may also be contacted by the media when they need an expert in your field from your community for a piece that they are working on.

The exposure that you could get by being the go to expert the media calls on could help build your brand and your business quicker than any paid advertising that would probably fit in your marketing budget.

Instant Credibility

Published authors do not have to work as hard to prove their credibility to potential clients because Amazon or the printed book that you give to your potential client does that for you.

Additionally, a quality book on Amazon will generally get positive reviews especially if the author markets the book properly and asks for reviews.

These positive reviews are third-party social proof that you know your subject and that you generated a quality product.

In a 2013 survey by Bright House Local, approximately 78% of the respondents said they trusted third-party reviews as much as they trusted recommendations from friends, family and coworkers.

Unique Selling Proposition

You need a way to differentiate yourself from all of your competitors in your community. The chance of one of your competitors also being a published author is unlikely so this makes your business unique within your community.

The uniqueness that you have over your competitors is that you are almost elevated to the status of being a celebrity within your community just by being published.

You should be able to find multiple ways to profit from the instant credibility, instant expert an instant celebrity status that you receive in addition to any profits generated from book sales.

Leave your thoughts below then start working on your book.

How Being A Published Author Can Help Your Business
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