Are You a Salesperson or a Provider of Value?


 Marketing is all about perception. If your prospect doesn’t perceive you as an expert, they will place very little value on anything you say. Here’s why.

Everything and everyone is judged first by our appearance. This is unfair but it’s a reality that we live in so accept it and play the game if you want to succeed.

In the dating game, you are judged by:

  • how you look
  • how you dress
  • what you drive
  • where you live
  • how much you make

Many of these judgments are made on a subconscious level within the first 30 seconds of reading your profile online.

You may be the greatest person in the world but a lot of people will not take the time to find out about the real you because of the internal image of what their ideal mate should look like.

In the business world, many potential clients and customers will have preconceived ideas on what you and your business should look like and be prepared to do for them.

The look of your business, the look of your business’s representative, your business type and the location of your business may influence how much value is placed on you and your offerings before you even see the potential customer.

If your business is that of a consultant, you will be judged by your portfolio, by customer reviews, by the positioned you have helped other clients achieve in the search engine results or by the number of likes that your Facebook page has or by other factors depending upon your niche.

These items may or may not be relevant to the service or services that you are looking to offer your prospect but to them it shows your expertise and your authority within your field.

Unfortunately, the number of Facebook likes that you have on your business page often has very little, if any, direct correlation to your expertise in setting up and using Facebook correctly so that it will help the business gain and retain customers.

Another unfortunate fact is that you will not be able to educate your prospect on the difference between a high number of meaningless likes and the reality of developing a highly targeted group of followers that want to engage with you about the content that you placed online.

Our ego drives us to want to have the top position in the search engines, more followers on Twitter and more likes on Facebook but smart business people ignore their ego as much as possible because they know that more leads and happy customers are what fuel growth.

Regardless of the type of your business, you must be prepared to play the role of a beauty contestant so that you can get in front of your potential customers so you can develop the relationship that’s necessary to grow your business while solving their problems so their business can grow.

Do you agree or disagree with this thought process? Tell me below.

Are You a Salesperson or a Provider of Value?
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