You Don’t Need To Reinvent The Wheel To Achieve Success


If you’re struggling to succeed in business, there are probably only two or three reasons that this is happening & the most likely reasons are explained below:

You Haven’t Found Your Why

Your why is the reason that you do things it is your motivation. Everyone has a different reason for doing the things that they do and you need to look deep within yourself to find what motivates you enough to do what is necessary to achieve the success that you want. Here are a few driving factors that have helped motivate others:

  • a strong desire to support their family
  • a strong desire to avoid being homeless
  • a strong desire to live a certain lifestyle
  • a strong desire to have the money to help support their favorite causes
  • and many, many more

Once you discover your why and fully embrace it you will go over, under, around or through any obstacle that is placed in your path towards success.

FYI – fear of failure and fear of success are two obstacles that you will face.

A Proven System To Follow

Most successful business owners tend to follow business models that others have already tested, tweaked and proven that they work.

Starting a business is risky but starting a business using an unproven business model can be downright dangerous.

A simple formula that is used by a lot of successful online marketers involves very few steps. These steps off the look like this:

  • create your offering
  • package your offering
  • launch your offering

The offering could be anything from an information product to a membership site or even a book.

When you package and information product, it usually means creating a sales page, a thank you page and frequently one or more one time offers. A membership site would also have a sales page, a thank you page, a member’s area and it may or may not have one or more one time offers.

A book on the other hand may or may not include a website where you can presell your audience and the package is going to be a book cover. The brand you develop as an author and the following that you acquire as you produce more books could make life very rewarding for you.

Launching your offer is probably one of the hardest things that you will ever do.

You will worry about it not being good enough, you may think that it’s not complete and you will be afraid that no one will want to buy it.

Whether your business is off-line or online, traffic coming to your offer will always be the key to the level of your success.

The quality of your product is important and the copywriting on the sales page will make a difference in your conversion rate but the traffic coming to your offer will be a major factor in determining how much product you sell.

This formula works for off-line offerings too.

You Don’t Need To Reinvent The Wheel To Achieve Success
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