If you watch much television, you probably see shows where almost everyone that works is an employee for some corporation. The few that are self employed are often shown as being almost broke. Whether you realize it or not, these stereotypes are programming you to believe only employees are successful.

When you were growing up, did you have any classes that taught you the basics of running a business or was everything geared at macro economics and how your wages as an employee fit into that grand scheme? Do you have kids in school? If you do, are they being taught how to function as business owners or are they being groomed to be employees?

Have you noticed that many of the shows on television center around dysfunctional families, children or adults with low self esteem and an unrealistic portrayal of what the human body should look like?

With so many people around the world watching WAY too much television or listening to music that has lyrics about failure, it is no wonder we have trouble succeeding in relationships, weight loss, mental health and finance.

Your brain cannot distinguish between the fantasy of television, movies and music and real life. Add up the hours of the above three methods of entertainment you enjoy and that’ll be the number of hours of negative programming you are feeding your brain each day.

Self improvement in any area of your life must start between your ears. You must make a conscious effort to positively reprogramming your mind using the right affirmations delivered in the right way. You learn in three basic ways which are audio, visual and action. Playing the right affirmations while you sleep feeds the messages directly to the most powerful part of your brain, reading the affirmations and physically writing them out every morning and evening helps those messages get engrained in you so they become as automatic as your ability to drive a vehicle without having to consciously think about everything you are doing.

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Are You Being Programmed to Fail?

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