Is Local Search A Waste Of Money For Local Businesses?


Local search is a complete waste of money for some local business owners but not for others. To see why it is waste for some, read on.

You need to have multiple components in place before you can run a local search campaign that’s a success. Here is a list of the components that I feel are necessary in no particular order:

  • A call tracking number – if you don’t use a call tracking number in your online marketing, there is no way to know how many leads are being generated from your marketing efforts.
  • A website that you own and control – if you don’t own and control your own website, how are you going to organize it so that it focuses on the 3 to 5 keyword phrases you wish to use to generate your leads? Additionally, how are you going to use your website to show customer testimonials and to invite your customers to connect with you on the different social sites where you can engage them in conversation?
  • A five star culture within your business – you need to have a culture within your business that cultivates good relationships with your customers so they would be willing to leave a positive review for your business. In addition to this five star culture, you need to have a system in place where you and your employees consistently encourage customers to leave reviews on your company review page. Customers that leave four or five star reviews should then be encouraged to place that same review on a local directory site. The customers that leave one, two or three star reviews should automatically be routed to an apology page where you encourage them to contact you to see what can be done to improve their experience with your business. You should also have a system in place that is used to market your great reputation.
  • A system to expand your authority – you need a system in place that allows for new content on your website and throughout the Internet that includes your name, address, phone number and links to both your website and local directories so you become the authority in your local marketplace.

Any local search campaign that does not include all four the above components is going to be less effective than the campaign of a competitor that uses all four components.

Unfortunately, I see too many local business owners that are spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per month on global search engine optimization without optimizing every aspect of their online marketing for local search which is where the majority of their customers are located.

Use my support desk to contact me if you want to learn why doing local search the right way is so important.

Is Local Search A Waste Of Money For Local Businesses?
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