This Marketing Skill Will Never Go Out Of Style


If you only master one marketing skill, master copywriting because great sales copy will always convert better so you can take advantage of all of your traffic.

Traffic Generation

Traffic generation is a great skill to have because you don’t have a chance to make a sale or get a lead if you don’t get eyeballs on your offer.

You can get hundreds or even thousands of people a day to look at your offer but the ROI that you get may be much less than expected if the sales copy isn’t as good as it could be.

Your Sales Page

You can have an ugly sales page and still make sales if:

  • you have a product that people want

  • the product is priced right

  • the timing is right

  • and if the sales copy is good.

On the other hand, you can have a beautiful sales page and still lose money if all of the points I just mentioned don’t align.

Every market has an audience that is slightly different than other markets so you need to split test almost everything associated with your sales funnel if you wish to squeeze the most money possible out of every customer while delivering massive value to them.

In some markets, a good headline with a video sales letter is all that will be needed on your sales page. But other markets may need bullet points to go with a video sales letter, a short form sales letter or even a long form sales letter to achieve the highest rate of conversions.

Experience and constant testing are the only way that you will know which sales letters work best in any given situation or market.

Copywriting As A Skill

A good copywriter will be versatile enough to write compelling copy for videos, for PowerPoint presentations, for web pages or for direct mail pieces.

The psychological triggers that are used in the sales copy will always be the same even if the method being used to deliver the message is different.

Leave your thoughts below on how important you think copywriting is as a skill that you should master.

This Marketing Skill Will Never Go Out Of Style
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