Be Careful What You Promise Customers


Your customers expect you to keep every promise and a failure to keep a promise will generate an angry customer and a potentially negative review. Avoid those!

The thousands of customers that are still waiting for Christmas presents to arrive two days after Christmas when they paid for expedited shipping so their purchases would arrive on Christmas Eve has left a very bad taste in the mouths of many customers.

There are many reasons the packages did not arrive on time and some of these are:

  • There was a double-digit increase in the number of people shopping online at the last minute.

  • The online retailers under estimated the growth that they would have in 2013 so they weren’t adequately prepared to handle the volume.

  • Bad weather in multiple parts of the country pushed people online to shop instead of them going to retailers near them.

  • The bad weather that pushed people online to shop also slowed the delivery of the merchandise that was purchased.

  • The two primary carriers for the packages that were purchased were UPS® and FedEx® and neither company had enough planes or trucks in the system to handle an increase in volume that is more than 10% above projections.

Even though the customer is partly the fault for the packages not arriving on time, they are laying all of the blame on the retailer and the shipping companies.

Every merchant that does business online and uses a third-party to deliver their products or services must have backup plans in place that will ensure the product or service is delivered as promised because you will be blamed even if the fault is not yours.

You are the person or company the customer dealt with and in their eyes you are responsible even if some of the blame should fall on them.

Mistakes happen and when they do you must evaluate why then learn how to improve the system so the chance of the same mistake being repeated is minimized.

Good products plus good service plus great customer support helps you build a happy customer base.

Leave your thoughts below on why you think the packages didn’t arrive and what you think could’ve been done better so more people have had the happy Christmas they were expecting.

Be Careful What You Promise Customers
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