Your auto-responder is a full time employee that never calls in sick, asks for a raise or does sloppy work. it faithfully does its job all day every day.

Aweber offers many of the same features as many of the other auto responder services and scripts. Some of the features are:

•    Unlimited autoresponders.
•    MIME compliant messages.
•    Import lists*
•    Export lists
•    Email subscribes.
•    Web form subscribes
•    Backup capabilities.
•    Broadcast capabilities and many more.

The thing that impresses me most about Aweber is their message delivery rate which is 99.34 percent. Your messages will not do their job if they aren’t delivered.

Your responders are the tools you use to gain new customers, to retain your current customers and to teach people how to get the most out of your products or services.

I’ve experienced server side scripts with low message delivery rates and heard horror stories of some services with delivery rates as low as 30 percent.

The only thing most people moving to Aweber gripe about is your list MUST opt in again. I see this as a good thing for several reasons:

1.    You have proof that the person subscribed to your list. You had proof for your old responder but not Aweber so this ensures you are protected.
2.    Anyone that isn’t willing to resubscribe is more than likely just taking up space without being an asset to you or your business.

If you want your messages delivered and need the ability to create more lists or broadcast messages to your list in text or HTML, I don’t think you can beat Aweber.

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