5 Reasons Why We Love Reputation And You Should Too

The reputation of your business plays a very important part in the success or failure. This article will give you 5 reasons why you should love your reputation.

The 5 reasons are:

  1. Every time a customer leaves feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, you are receiving important intelligence on how well you and your staff are meeting the expectations of your customers.
  2. Every time you receive positive feedback, you can share it with your staff to let them know how well they are doing.
  3. Every time you receive negative feedback, you can use it as a teaching tool so the same mistake is not repeated with the next customer.
  4. Every time you receive positive feedback, you can ask the customer for a referral.
  5. Every time you receive positive feedback, you can use that positive review to market your business. You must get the customer’s permission to use their review in marketing but that would be part of a good review system’ s terms of service. With the proper permission, the review can be used in flyers, brochures, videos, on photo sharing sites (provided the review is turned into a graphic) and on social media sites. There are other places you can use these reviews but I think you get the idea.

When you create a five star culture within your business and consistently asked for feedback from your customers you will soon have a steady stream of raving reviews that you can use to get more customers.

I’m sure that you can use more customers for your business and that you want each customer leaving a five star review online where can be seen by many, many people in your community.

Do you even know that your business already has an online presence in one or more local business directories?

Your business may even have online reviews in one or more local business directories that you don’t know exist and therefore are taking advantage of as part of your marketing strategy.

Click here to get your local reputation report to see if you are listed in any of the local directories and if there are any negative reviews about your business that you should know about.

5 Reasons Why We Love Reputation And You Should Too
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