Do Your Customers Clearly See The Value That You Offer Them?


You may offer the perfect solution to your customer’s problem but that won’t do you any good if the perceived value is less than the actual value. How to fix:

Offer A Free Or Risk-Free Trial

Sometimes all it takes to change a person’s perception of your product or service is to completely eliminate the risk to them by offering a free trial if that is an option. If a free trial is not an option, offering the risk-free trial where they can use your product or service for a set length of time knowing they can get a 100% refund within that timeframe may satisfy them.

Are You Perceived As A Market Leader In Your Niche?

Some customers only want to do business with market leaders in any given niche. This type of customer usually uses multiple ways to determine who the market leader is in any given niche. Some ways they determine the market leader are:

  • the reputation of the business as determined by third-party reviews that have been posted online on local directories like Google+, Yelp, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yellow Pages and more
  • how will the business is represented on sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more
  • press releases that can be found about the company online
  • visibility as a sponsor within the community (i.e. sponsoring Little League, participating in the United Way or another highly visible community activities and fundraisers)
  • write ups about your business in the local newspaper
  • positive stories about your business on the local news

In general, this type of customer wants to see your business’s name everywhere they go whether within your community or online.

Show Your Expertise

If you have a product or service where your consumer would benefit from a how to class that would teach them how to get the most benefit out of using your product or service, hold free or reasonably priced classes that would create a more educated consumer.

When you offer classes on a product or service and your competitor doesn’t, the perceived value of what you offer naturally increases because you are viewed as an expert on that product or service.

The more you can share your expertise with your customers, at little or no cost, the more some of them will value you and what you offer. Unfortunately, there will always be freebie seekers that will take everything you have to offer without valuing the expertise that you are sharing.

When you give before you take, many people will subconsciously feel compelled to buy from you. This is known as the law of reciprocity.

Business owners and individuals that have embraced this law frequently see the rewards come back to them tenfold.

Do Your Customers Clearly See The Value That You Offer Them?

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