Why Video Is Vital to Your Success Online


The majority of your target audience grew up with television and the Internet as major parts of their lives. Here’s why you must embrace video to thrive.


Everyone is in a hurry and they want everything delivered to them as quickly as possible and this includes information.

A 2 ½ minute video can convey as much information as a 500 word article that will take considerably longer than 2 ½ minutes to read.

In addition to consuming your information faster, a video is engaging both sight and sound which is important because studies have shown that the more senses you engage in a person the longer they will remember the information.

Because of this, your message will be delivered faster and be remembered longer than if you were presenting just an article. If your content is remembered longer, your chances of making a sale increase provided you deliver more content in a timely manner.

Another great advantage of YouTube videos is that they are immediately mobile friendly so they can be viewed on any smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer as long as you don’t produce your video using the Flash format. (Apple devices cannot read Flash-based content.)

Repurposing Content

You can pull the audio out of your video and publish it as a podcast.

You can have the video transcribed and use the transcription in a blog post along with the video and additional evidence that supports your message.

If you used PowerPoint to create a slideshow video, you can post the PowerPoint slides and slide sharing sites with a link back to either your website or to your video.

You can turn the video transcription into a PDF that you place on sites like www.scribd.com.

Better Search Engine Rankings

When you place videos on your website, people will naturally stay on the site until the video is over provided the content is good. The more time a visitor stays on your site the more it helps reduce what is called bounce rate. A low bounce rate tells the search engines that your content is good and this will help boost your ranking in the search engines.

At this point in time, Google is the number one search engine and YouTube is the number two search engine.

The benefit of creating a quality video that does well on YouTube is that it will also be indexed by Google and it may rank well there too.

It is possible to get page one rankings on both Google and YouTube with a single video and it’s easier than you may think in most niches.

Mobile devices are taking over the world and approximately half the content consumed on these devices is video.

If that one sentence doesn’t make you want to have a site that is mobile friendly in addition to having a steady supply of quality content delivered by video, you need to have a checkup from the neck up.

I know this content is being delivered by an article instead of through video so I’m ignoring my own advice and ignoring the trend but you needed to know this information now instead of waiting until I can produce a video that conveys the same message.

Leave your thoughts below and let me know whether you agree or disagree.

Why Video Is Vital to Your Success Online
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