Your Online Reputation Affects All Of Your Marketing


Your customers check out your reputation and the reputation of your competitors before they make a buying decision. Here’s why they check and you should care:

Spending Wisely

In today’s economy, everyone has to watch their budget so they make sure every penny is spent wisely. The best way to ensure that you are making a wise purchase is to make sure that you’re buying from a business that has a quality reputation of delivering a good product or service.

Since a good portion of the American population has a smart phone that’s Internet connected or another Internet connected device within easy reach, it’s very easy to fire up their favorite search engine to check out your reputation after seeing your ad.

If your customer found you as a result of a recommendation from a friend, family member or coworker, they were probably exposed to your reputation when they had to do a search on your business name to get your phone number and address.

The reality is that you rarely get a phone number or an address when someone you know gives you the name of the business that you should frequent.

Mobile Search

60% of local searches are done from mobile devices and a large percentage of these devices are powered by the Android Operating System which has Google as the default search engine.

When a Google search is done from a smart phone, the first few listings are usually those of local businesses with the name, address, phone number and star rating being shown which is supplied by Google.

Phones using the Windows Operating System and some iPhones serve up local results that also show the business name, address, and a star rating that is supplied by Yelp.

Google Pay Per Click

If you use Google’s AdWords to promote your local business online, a good reputation will help you achieve a higher quality score which affects how much you pay per click. You can also display your Google+ Local Listing below your ad which effectively doubles the amount of real estate that your ad takes up on the page.

When you have your local listing in your ad, you have the opportunity to showcase your quality reputation as well as put your business name, address and phone number in front of your prospect at the exact moment they have shown an interest in what you are promoting.


Depending upon how competitive your niche is, you should probably be spending somewhere between 20% and 35% of your marketing budget on building, monitoring, maintaining and marketing your reputation.

Your online reputation is so important to the success of your business that the effect of your reputation on your business has been studied by both Stanford University and the Harvard Business School.

Depending upon the study you look at and your niche, you could see a 10% swing in your business from a one half star to a one star difference in rating.

Could your business handle a 10% increase or decrease in business just because of your online reputation?

Many customers choose which business they’re going to patronize just by reading the reviews in the search engines and the local directories. Studies have shown that the majority of these people read 6  –  10 reviews before they trust the business.

Does your local business have 10 or more reviews in Google, Yelp or both? If the answer is no, you’d better put a system in place to start collecting quality reviews from your customers that you can use to market your business online and off-line before your closest competitor beats you to it.

Do you know what your online reputation looks like? If not, go here now.

Your Online Reputation Affects All Of Your Marketing
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