Local Business Lead Generation System That Works


The local lead generation system discussed in the video below works well with both Google & Bing when you have all the components in place. Watch it now.

My name is Jerry McCoy and I’d like to introduce you to a local lead generation system that works. Think of this system as word-of-mouth advertising on steroids. First we have to discuss how customers find you. The first way is through personal referrals such as friends, family and coworkers.

Your customers will usually need to search for your business theme to get the address and phone number of your business before they can call you. The second way they find you is by using the search engines were your customers will type in words that are industry-specific such as Lakeland dentist to find you and businesses like you.

For this lead generation system to work for you, there are certain required components. The first of these is:

  • A five star online reputation
  • Next is a mobile friendly SEO optimized website that includes:
    • business details
    • location map
    • contact information
    • social interaction
    • social proof
    • business hours
    •  and much, much more!
  • Online marketing of your brand and reputation is also a required component.

Why having a five star reputation is important

According to the Nielsen group, Comscore and others, online reviews are trusted as much as personal referrals.

Your reputation is front and center when your business name is searched and when a search is done from a mobile device.

Your reputation is also shown in local results from desktop computers searches.

Can you afford to have a reputation for less than five star showing during the search?

Other studies revealed that 95% of searchers will make their buying decision after reading 10 online reviews and this is without visiting your website and in addition to that every form of marketing you do is less effective if you have no online reputation or have a bad online reputation.

Your company website plays an important role. Your website is part of your brand so first impressions do count.

Since 60% of local searches are done from a mobile device having a mobile friendly website is no longer a luxury it’s a necessity.

Your website is your chance to showcase how you can solve a problem for your customers, to share testimonials from satisfied customers and to tell the search engines how they should categorize you locally.

Marketing your online brand is important but it’s also important to understand your online brand includes more than the look of your logo, your website and social media pages.

The reviews left by your customers in online business directories also help brand your business.

Are the reviews they leave creating a five star brand for your business or are they creating something less?

Do you help market your own brand online?

Places you can share customer reviews are:

  • your website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Flickr
  • and photo bucket

 If you don’t market your brand using reviews in graphic format like this one, Call 813-489-6808 and my business partner and I will help you develop a strategy to market your brand online and off-line.

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Local BusinessLead Generation System That Works
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