Do You Know How Your Customers Find You?


Knowing how your customers find you lets you target your marketing where it’s most effective. Do you take the time to ask how you were found? Do you track?

We have a client that we optimized for local search and she knows that our efforts are generating 5 to 10 calls each week because a tracking number was used when the online directories were set up.

In addition to having an optimized local search presence, this client is doing off-line advertising. She has made it a habit of asking every new client how they found her business.

Because of this tracking, she knows that online marketing is much more effective at getting the phone to ring than her off-line advertising. As a result, the decision has been made to reduce the amount of money being spent on off-line advertising so she can expand her online marketing efforts.

Are you tracking every form of advertising that you do both online and off-line so that you know which marketing method is getting your phone to ring the most?

If you aren’t tracking, how do you know which methods are generating new business and which ones are a waste of time and money?

Optimizing For Local Search

The amount of optimization you have to do to beat out your competition in local search will vary depending upon the niche that you’re working in, the city you live in and whether or not your competitors are also optimizing for local search.

There are few things that you can do to optimize your local search presence and these are:

  • Have a professional looking website that uses a combination of words, images, audio and video to tell your visitors and the search engines who you are and what you do.
  • Have a site that is mobile friendly. (This can be done with a responsive site or a separate mobile site.)
  • Have a site that offers real value to your visitors and it’s a good idea to have a lead capture system in place so they can get to know you.
  • Claim and optimize all of the local directories relevant to your niche.

Local directory optimization may include some, if not all, of the following:

  • company name
  • company address
  • company city, state and ZIP Code
  • company phone number (tracking number)
  • company website
  • company description
  • industry categories (which category or categories most accurately describe what you do)
  • founding date
  • company history
  • contact email
  • links to company social media profiles or pages
  • optimized images that show what you do
  • optimized videos on YouTube that include your citation (name, address, phone number, website URL)
  • more citations than your local competitors
  • and a good reputation (this is determined by both the number and the quality of the reviews left on the local directories/review sites by your customers)

Google and Yelp are the two most important local directory sites for mobile users. Google reviews are displayed with the local listings when a search is done from an Android powered mobile device. Yelp reviews are used for local listings on Windows powered phones, tablets and many mobile laptops and on Apple mobile devices.

Smartphones are the new Yellow Pages so can you afford to ignore an optimized presence on local directories when 60% of your prospective customers are using their mobile device to find a local business like yours to patronize?

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Do You Know How Your Customers Find You?
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